AMS Entities, LLC

Achieve growth with our services

Need help building your savings nest or understanding the steps to purchase the home of your dreams? Looking for a home to lease and build credit at the same time? Partner with trusted investors and real estate professionals and let’s do amazing things together!

Financial Literacy is the key to your reaching your Goals

Home Ownership and Investing in Real Estate can be intimidating. Don't let fear and the lack of knowledge stop you from owning the assets of your dream. We can help you prepare for the journey to ownership.

Services to Success

AMS will be with you each step of the way. We provide a 3 step service to home ownership or choose which service best fits your needs.

Step 1

Financial Basics

We will teach you the basics of saving money, building credit and other financial/ownership terms and requirements 

Step 2

Lease to Own Options

AMS provides residential leasing, with the option to purchase while building your credit. We report your rental payments and rental history to your credit profile to better prepare you for the next step.

Step 3

Home Buying Assistance

We partner with local Realtors to assist you with purchasing your dream home. With favorable credit and rental history you can purchase your leased home or work with one of our Realtor partners to assist you with purchasing your dream home.